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Economy LCD Resin
Economy LCD Resin
A European quality general purpose resin for an unbeatable retail price of €29,76 per kg! This resin is easy to use and allows you to 3D print objects with fine detail.
24,80 € 24.8 EUR
Castable LCD Resin - Castable Wax
Castable Wax Resin is a highly accurate wax-based casting resin for 3D printing direct investment casting parts for dental, jewelry and industrial applications.

67,00 € 67.0 EUR
Dental LCD Resin - Model
Dental LCD Model Resin is a high-precision photopolymer resin designed for accurate 3D printing of dental models, aligner models, gums, teeth, crown and bridge models with removable dies.
41,28 € 41.28 EUR
EasyClean Resin Cleaner
EasyClean is a 3D printing resin cleaner made from organic solvents and is engineered to safely and effectively remove any uncured photopolymer resin from 3D printed objects.

20,70 € 20.7 EUR
Engineering LCD Resin - Ultimate 2TW
This engineering resin is Tough, Temperature resistant and Weather resistant (2TW). Printed parts exhibit a modulus comparable to polypropylene (PP) and have memory shape capabilities.

53,70 € 53.7 EUR
Engineering LCD Resin - Flex 63A
Engineering LCD Series – Flex 63A Resin is a very flexible and extremely transparent 3D printing resin with a low surface shore hardness of 63A.

66,15 € 66.15 EUR
Engineering LCD Resin - Impact 71D
Engineering LCD Resin – Impact 71D is a durable ABS-like resin with an improved impact strength. This 3D printing resin has a shore hardness of 71D and exhibits excellent machinability properties.
47,55 € 47.550000000000004 EUR
Engineering LCD Resin - Flex 82A
Engineering LCD Resin – Flex 82A is a rubber-like resin that combines semi-flexibility with strength. With a shore hardness rangin from 82A to 87A, it can endure frequent exposure to bending, flexing and compression.
47,52 € 47.52 EUR
Engineering LCD Resin - Strong
Engineering LCD Series – Strong Resin is a 3D printing resin that finds its “strength” in a unique combination of excellent flexural strength properties with impressive tensile strength properties.
66,11 € 66.11 EUR
Engineering LCD Resin - Tough
Engineering LCD Series – Tough Resin is an extremely impact resistant 3D printing resin that combines toughness with durability and displays outstanding scratch resistance properties.
66,11 € 66.11 EUR
Engineering SLA Resin - Heavy Duty
Engineering SLA Series – Heavy Duty Resin is a SLA 3D printing resin that features an unsurpassed combination of impressive flexural strength with high-temperature resistance and durability.
78,50 € 78.5 EUR
Engineering SLA Resin - Tough
FormFutura’s 100μm High Light Transmittance FEP film is specifically engineered for 3D printing and combines the highest transparency rate in FEP film with excellent light transmission properties.
66,11 € 66.11 EUR